25 Reasons Fat Cats Are Undeniably The Best Cats

Kittens are adorable. Everyone can agree on that. But, nothing is cuter than a fat cat. I'm not talking about a cat that is a little chubby around the middle. I'm talking about the chunky little muffins that weigh in anywhere between 15-25 pounds. Your vet yells at you every single visit, but you can't put your cat on a diet. Because there are perks to owning a fat cat!

1. The fatter they get, the more they start to resemble other fat animals:

"Is this my twin?"

2. When they lay on their side, they look like masters of seduction:

Which makes you pretty jealous, because no creature that large should look so good laying like that.

3. They make you more confident to try on your skinny* jeans:

*Or your not-so-skinny jeans.

5. Their fat tummies are the cutest things you'll ever see:

They have so much more tummy to tickle!

6. They're absolutely determined to fit inside of things they seem too fat for:

And more often than not, they do actually fit.

7. They look like this when they fall over:

You try not to laugh at them, but you're only human.

8. And they look like this when they try sitting up:

No neck. No distinguishable body parts. Just a blob.

9. They look much more entertaining when you put them in clothing:

I think bikinis were secretly designed with fat cats in mind.

11. They have a big tendency to get stuck:

And they don't immediately ask for help. They try to get out on their own.

13. The phrase "more to love" comes to mind when cuddling with them:

When it's cold out, cuddling with a fat kitty helps keep you warm.

15. When they stretch, their big bellies are on full display:

Which compels you to question why they look awesome fat and you do not.

17. They do not fit into any of their own clothing:

T-shirts turn into belly shirts really fast.

18. If you can't finish that whole pizza you ordered, they are willing to help out:

Actually, they try to eat the whole thing. You're lucky if you get a piece of pepperoni.

19. They really, really try to force themselves into small spaces:

Fat cat in a box, much better than a normal-sized cat in a box.

20. They encourage you to nap more:

They sleep 23 hours a day. They look so snuggly that you're always cuddling with them.

23. Their butts are big and round and incredible:

Human butts aren't the only thing that should inspire songs.