This Man Shows The World What Enormous Waves Look Like From The Inside Out

Clark Little is a surf photographer who specializes in shorebreak. In other words, Little rushes directly into crashing waves to capture astonishing views of the ocean from a perspective that was only familiar to surfers - until now. (Stay tuned for the video at the end to see his whole artistic process!)

It all started when his wife wanted to buy an expensive professional photograph of the inside of a wave.

Little, who surfed his entire life, told her to forgo the expensive piece of art. He was sure he could do better.

He started documenting the insides of waves using a camera he purchased off of Amazon for less than $150.00.

There are no special devices used to capture these stunning views - just a man and his handheld, waterproof camera.

The only way to see what's inside a wave is to race directly into it's mouth, right as it's about to crash.

Sometimes, in the process of shooting with his waterproof camera, Little makes a new friend or two...

He still loves capturing photos of surfers, but he says he's primarily interested in capturing the ephemeral beauty of crashing waves.

Little reveals how his practice of photographing the most radical perspective of waves came to life

All photos courtesy of Clark Little on Instagram