These 25 Tree Houses Are More Whimsical Than Your Wildest Dreams And They Actually EXIST!

One look at these tree houses and you'll realize that you're never too old to live out your childhood dreams...and maybe even make them crazier!

The Minister’s Tree house is the tallest tree house in the world!

imgur.comCrossville, Tennessee, USA

This house looks like something out of a movie, and it's three stories high.

imgur.comBritish Columbia, Canada

Hapuku Lodge is a resort that gives visitors a unique bird's eye view of the amazing environment that New Zealand has to offer. It achieves all of this without sacrificing absolute luxury.

The "O2 Treehouse" looks like a bubble that's about to float away.

The United States

The front design on this one is really intriguing, and highlights its vertical structure.

imgur.comOntario, Canada

What looks like a simple cabin in the woods is actually suspended in a tree. Amazing.

flickr.comSeattle, WA

Built around four trees, with minimal impact to the environment, 4TreeHouse was created by Lukasz Kos. The three stories offer spectacular views of the surrounding forest from varying levels.

The "Teahouse Tetsu" looks like an amazing place to relax and enjoy the cherry blossoms.

amazon.comYamanashi, Japan

This grand house is home to two incredibly lucky children, who really enjoy visiting their grandparents. At over 100 square feet, i'm insanely jealous of these kids.

"Too-High Teahouse" was built by a Japanese professor of architecture in 2004 as a perfect spot to share a cup of tea with his father.

atlas-dev.comTakasugi-an, Japan

This modern home boasts a sophisticated design with the playful elements that make a treehouse. Open to the elements, there's no better place to be one with nature.

The Honeycomb Tree House was designed by the Los Angeles Museum of Art and is now owned by guitarist Robby Krieger. He uses the sphere as a place to escape and write music.

Childhood dreams have never looked so incredible!

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