The Philippines Mermaid Swimming Academy is the first of its kind in the world, offering courses and classes in “mermaiding.”

The academy was founded in 2012 by Anamie Saenz and Normeth Preglo, both hoping to start a new fitness craze. It took off right away!

The concept of mermaid swimming is quite simple: swimmers wear mermaid tails and learn how to use their core muscles to propel themselves forward gracefully (like a mermaid).

Classes aren’t held in an actual school environment either. Soon-to-be mermaids are trained along Boracay Island’s White Beach and in rivers and lakes.

So what will you actually learn? Everything from how to swim without floaters in the ocean, to how to wear and care for your mermaid tail.

And if you think this school is just for kids with Disney obsessions, you’re wrong!

People of all ages (and genders) come to the academy to learn the art of mermaid swimming.

A 2-hour introductory course will only set you back $40—which includes the use of a mermaid tail and a photo of your experience.

If your biggest fantasy is to swim like a mermaid, you should definitely check this place out online and book your trip to the Philippines right away!

H/t: The Frisky