28 Adorable Before & After Photos Of Baby Animals Growing Up. The Last One Left Me In Tears...

Our animals are only with us for a short time, but we often take them for granted. We look at them today, and we probably see a pet. Over the course of years, it becomes clear that they are family - nothing less. These incredible pictures remind us that every day we share together is one to cherish.

“The day we got our puppy, and 11 years later”

He learned how to look at the camera!

“My kitty on his favorite chair as a kitten, and less than a year later…”

“My dog and I, 15 years later. The day we met, and the day we said goodbye.”

I believe you can judge someone's character by how they treat animals. We share amazing experiences with our pets, we go through hard times together, and one day they're suddenly are all grown up. It’s beautiful , but also a little heartbreaking too. Thank you to all the owners who shared their stories!

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