This Dad Transformed A Daily Routine Into A Brilliant Way To Make His Kids Smile

In an electronics-filled world where everyone is suddenly too busy for each other, one father is reminding us the simple things are still what matter most.  

In 2008, David LaFerriere decided to surprise his kids at school by drawing on their lunch sandwich bags.

The kids loved it, so he kept drawing.

Every day, they’re greeted with a new creation their dad made for them.

And a fun reminder that lets them know their dad is thinking about them while he’s at work.

Sometimes his drawings are straightforward.

With graphic-design humor sprinkled in, since that’s Ferriere’s occupation.

Sometimes his drawings transform the way that you see the sandwich itself.

Like when the bread becomes a creature.

Or a lilypad for a frog to hang out on.

Or a den for a bear drinking its morning coffee.

Or one that’s been partially eaten already.

Sometimes they’re just downright clever.

I mean, really, look at that bubble incorporation!

Inspired bubble incorporation brings characters to life.

Downright tricky maneuvering makes a sandwich look like a sandwich even though… it’s a sandwich.

Lately there’s been some Christmas sandwiches.

Even American Snowman Gothic has made an appearance.

Dave’s work has been featured on Sharpie’s website and his following has grown.

Despite the unexpected fame, the drawings will always be an act of love for his sons.

“The sandwich bags are something that my boys and I share together,” he told flickr.

“But the comments people leave about a parent doing something similar really touches me, because there are other parents that love their kids just as much. And they love them enough to leave a little note, a little whatever it may be… that’s just something that brightens their day when they get to their lunch.”

Five years after it all started, he has gone on to create over one thousand lunchtime surprises, cataloging them all on Flickr.

David says the most touching comments he receives are from parents who do similar things for their kids... just because they love them.

 To see more of David's work, check out his flickr here.

Ultimately, time is the most valuable resource we have and spending it on the people we love most is vitally important. Share this if you think we need more dads like David!

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