With his Dad's help, he built his first tree house at age five. But that was only the beginning.

As he grew older, his love never fade. That's when he found the perfect piece of property in his home state of Washington.

He got right to work with a team of fellow dreamers. They poured their lives into the project.

He was fulfilling the ambitions of his youth by building a magical bed and breakfast.

It opened with just one house, but has now grown to a town of six... and Pete has hinted there will be more to come.

"TreeHouse Point", as he calls it, is an opportunity to strengthen personal connections through nature.

The experience has helped many others fulfill their lifelong dreams of living among the trees.

But really, any time spent away from the city and up in the tree tops sounds like perfection.

To learn more about TreeHouse Point (or to make a reservation!), check out their website here!