30 Haunting Photos Of Abandoned Olympic Stadiums. It's Scary To Think Sochi May Be Next...

As quickly as cities rise up to host the Olympics, they seem to fall even faster. After the final national anthem is played, the only thing left for these epic coliseums is wither and decay. It’s an eerie reality. Billions of dollars, thousands of hours of labor, and years later, this is what remains...

Sarajevo 1984 Winter Olympics

Mount Igman Ski Jump in 1984panoramio.comSarajevo was the first Communist city to host the Winter Olympics, part of an effort by the Olympic Committee to include all nations regardless of the politics at the times.
Present Dayimgur.comOnly 10 years after the Olympians left, Yugoslavia split apart into Bosnia and Herzegovina. War broke out and Sarajevo was under siege for the next four years.

Judges standimgur.comThe judges’ stand provided a vantage point for sharpshooters from both sides.
Overgrown Bobsled Trackimgur.comFor some time, the bobsled track was turned into an artillery fortress.
Remains of the Olympic Villageimgur.comBy the end of the siege, the former olympic village was a landmine-ridden graveyard, which the people of Sarajevo would rather forget.

Athens 2004 Summer Olympics

Main Fountain Entranceio9.comTen years after spending $15 billion on the 2004 Summer Olympics, most of the venues in Athens are now crumbling.
Diving pool at Aquatics Center in 2012businessinsider.comThe economic downturn drained the wallets of Greece and as a result, drained this pool of all its life.
Multi-Million dollar softball complexbusinessinsider.comMost of the stadiums were poorly designed, focusing only on one sport that had little local interest.

2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

“Bird’s Nest” Opening Ceremonies VenueChina spent $40 billion on the 2008 Olympics, this is what that investment looks like now...

1936 Berlin Summer Olympics

Olympic Villageandreasek.netYou can't really blame a county for abandoning the creepy site of an Olympics hosted by the most evil man in history, Adolf Hitler.

The Olympics are a wonderful way to bring the world together, but this is an aftermath most people don't see. With the 2014 games wrapping up in Sochi, you have to wonder what the $50 Billion pop-up city will look like years from now.

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