She Stretches And Twists Her Body On A White Canvas. Slowly, I Realized What She Was Doing...

Heather Hansen is a New Orleans-based artist who really puts herself into her work. In her project, "Emptied Gestures," she creates something like you've never seen before.

The emotion that she puts into each piece is almost tangible, with the near-perfect symmetry of her work giving a physical form to the emotional balance she feels as she draws.

Spencer Hansen

While most charcoal drawings come off as harsh and sharp, Heather's are soft and mesmerizing due to the lines being smeared gently by her skin.

Spencer Hansen

Although her pieces are black and white, the nature of her art invites us to explore the gray areas that connect our minds and bodies.

Spencer Hansen

Heather is a dancer, painter, and sculptor. She has performed all of her talents around the world and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Thank you for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!

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