Disney And Pixar Are Hiding This One Big Secret From Us. And I Bet You Never Noticed...

Even if you're a Disney/Pixar addict, you may have overlooked some Easter eggs that appear in the movies. And trust me, there are a lot to find! First, let's take a look at a mysterious code that appears in not just one, but nearly every Pixar movie ever made. What is this mysterious code, A113, and what does it mean? And does it really pop up THAT often?

The first time we saw it was in "Toy Story" on the license plate of the Pizza Planet truck.

It popped up again on a box in "A Bug's Life," but perhaps it was just a strange coincidence.

In "Finding Nemo," it was on the diver's camera. Something fishy was going on here.

You might have missed it as the courtroom number in "Up!" if you were too busy crying.

Only the sharpest of eyes could see it in Roman numerals above a doorway in "Brave."

But strangely, it also showed up in non-Pixar movies, such as "Lilo and Stitch."

It's not just movies---it also makes appearances in TV shows such as "American Dad."

Nah, it's just the room number at the California Institute of Arts, where many animators (including plenty who now work for Disney and Pixar) got their start.

Putting A113 in their animations is kind of like a fist-bump to their classmates and to anyone who has ever and will ever learn about animation in that magical classroom where it all begins.

But that's not the only sneaky thing that Pixar hides in their movies... the studio has a history of sneaking in inside jokes most people aren't meant to see.

For example, did you ever notice that Wall-E's statue of Eve has the famous Pixar lamp as a right arm?

The lamp was also a subtle constellation in "Toy Story 2" when Buzz Lightyear flies back down to Earth.

Would you be willing to believe that "Toy Story's" Andy knows Carl and Ellie from "UP!"? He had a postcard from them on his dresser.

An easier one can be found in "Toy Story 2," when Mrs. Potato Head is clearly seen reading "A Bug's Life" to the little block people.

Sully from "Monster's Inc." can be seen in a wood carving in the witch's shack in "Brave" if you know where to look.

Old, dusty Rex from "Toy Story" can be seen amongst Wall-E's treasures if you look closely enough.

I wonder if Dug from "Up!" developed his obsession with squirrels before or after his experience with rats in "Ratatouille?"

If you're quick, you can spot an obvious reference to "Cars'" Lightning McQueen on the shirt of one of the rambunctious daycare kids in "Toy Story 3."

As the toys try to break out of that very daycare, you can see a toy version of Flik from "A Bug's Life" if you have eagle eyes.

The same company that owns the gas station in "Toy Story" is also the sponsor for the Piston Cup in "Cars."

And finally, if you need something a bit easier to spot, just watch "Monster's Inc." and wait for Boo to try to give Sully her Nemo toy.

I can't wait to spot these moments next time I watch Toy Story. Share this with the Disney and Pixar fanatics in your life!

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