Edwin Kats of the Netherlands takes a different approach to wildlife photography.

Rather than just shooting his subjects and leaving, he spends months, even years, trying to get the perfect shot.

Animals within a ten-mile radius of Kats' home are the subjects of intimate and special photographs.

He spends time near the animals, letting them know that he's just part of their environment and not a predator.

But eventually, the creatures accept the man and his camera as part of their surroundings.

Some are even curious about the strange-looking two-legged creature and his weird machine.

The variety of wildlife around the area enables Kats to capture creatures of all shapes and sizes.

Through Kats' photos, we can see the beauty in animals we might normally look right past.

For other animals, we can see them in a whole new light.

Whether they are in the middle of a moment of tranquility...

...the animals are perfectly content having a human immortalizing their image.

To see more of Kats' work, check out his website here.


Source: boredpanda.com

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