This Mom And Her Son Blew Bubbles On A Freezing Day. The Result Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind. Woah.

Everyone needs to get out on a cold day and try recreating this wild phenomenon.

When the temperature dropped to 16 degrees in Washington, Angela Kelly got a strange idea.

She and her seven-year-old son mixed up some homemade soap and sent bubbles soaring through the the middle of the freezing cold.

Angela snapped photos as the frost created intricate designs in the larger bubbles, while the smaller ones froze and shattered as they hit the ground.

Before the sun came up, they would freeze entirely and behave as though they were made of glass.

But after the sun came up, the tops of the bubbles would defrost.

Sometimes, in limbo between freezing and thawing, the bubbles would collapse in upon themselves and create bizarre shapes.

Some of the images look like they're straight out of a fairy tale.

And for Angela, it was like seeing the world through the eyes of a child, if even just for an afternoon.

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